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Insights from the Mind & Metrics team.

Account Based Marketing and RevOps: How These Two Strategies Synergize

Discover how Account Based Marketing and RevOps work together to drive growth by aligning sales, marketing, and customer service teams.

How Account Based Marketing Strategies Promote Business Efficiency

What is account based marketing, and how can an ABM strategy increase business efficiency and sales performance? Learn the benefits of ABM tactics.

Meta AI and the Push for Artificial General Intelligence

What is artificial general intelligence (AGI), is it achievable, how is Meta working to develop it with Llama 2, and what would a world with AGI look like?

Are the Current Tech Layoffs Caused by AI? AI's Role in U.S. Job Cuts

2023 and 2024 have seen unexpected and significant waves of tech layoffs. Why are big tech companies like Google cutting jobs, and is AI to blame?

Enhancing ABM Strategies: Integrating Aloware with HubSpot Workflows

HubSpot's integration with Aloware enables businesses to enhance their ABM strategies with personalized, targeted SMS messaging.

Google Helpful Content Update 2023: 4 New Changes and How to Recover

Has the September 2023 Google helpful content update affected your web page rankings? Find out what was included in the update and how you can bounce back.

HubSpot Integrations: Can You Link a Private Server to the HubSpot CRM?

Learn why you can’t store sensitive PII in the HubSpot CRM, and how companies that need to store this data can still use HubSpot while keeping data secure.

AI-Powered Customer Service Chatbots: Are They Worth The Investment?

Customer service chatbots powered by AI can be an asset to your business, but can also be challenging to set up. Find out if an AI chatbot is right for you.

HubSpot Web Development: Using HubDB to Create Dynamic HubSpot Web Content

Learn how to create dynamic web pages in HubSpot using HubDB and custom modules with Mind & Metrics’ HubSpot developer tutorial.

Feedback vs. Review: Why are Customer Survey Responses Better than Reviews?

Customer feedback is vital, but are surveys or reviews better? Reviews are an effective marketing tool, but surveys help inform your internal strategy.

Google Merchant Center & Shopify Users: Account Suspended? Here’s Why

Ecommerce companies using both Shopify and Google Merchant Center are getting their accounts suspended. Here’s why and how to resolve it.

Sales Enablement: How to Succeed in a Difficult Sales Climate

What is sales enablement and why is it beneficial? Find out how a sales enablement strategy could help your business get ahead in a difficult sales climate.