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Insights: Artificial Intelligence

Bing AI Search: The Pros and Cons for Brands and Users

How does Bing's newly released ChatGPT-powered search functionality differ from traditional search, and how will it change the paid media landscape?

We Rounded Up the 7 Best AI Resources for Businesses

AI can help career creatives like graphic designers and copywriters create assets quicker and more efficiently. Here are the best AI tools for businesses.

Want to Use ChatGPT for Blogging? Watch Out for These 5 Issues

Can OpenAI's ChatGPT write an entire blog by itself? Learn how to best use AI to write blogs, and common issues that occur during the writing process.

Goodbye SEO Keywords, Hello SEO Queries!

Stop thinking of SEO as a game where you have to beat the bot, Google's Rankbrain is changing SEO. What does this mean for your SEO strategy? Find out now.