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Insights: Content Strategy

How to Write the Perfect ChatGPT Prompt (With Examples!)

When using ChatGPT, crafting the right prompt is everything. Here's how to write the perfect ChatGPT prompts for emails, blogs, website copy, and more.

How to Advertise on Hulu and Amazon: A Guide From Their Ad Partner

Mind and Metrics is now an advertising partner for Hulu and Amazon. Here is a guide to the ad types both platforms offer.

5 Effective Strategies to Generate Inbound Leads for Your Business

Successful inbound lead generation is crucial for your business. This guide lists 5 effective strategies to generate inbound leads for your business.

Out With Outbound, In With the New Inbound Sales Methodology

You may have been told in the past to keep your eye on outbound sales statistics. Forget that! Inbound sales methodology is the way to go.

How to Find Your Next Super Customer With a LinkedIn Search

Lead lists are just frustrating and downright bad, so how can we find more leads? Learn how a LinkedIn search can help you warm up and find better leads!

8 Reasons Your Start-Up Strategy Isn't Drawing Customers

Feel Like Your Startup Isn't Gaining Traction? Here Are 8 Reasons Your Start-Up Strategy Isn't Drawing Customers And What To Do About it!

How to Use Facebook Stories For Your Brand

In 2017, Facebook has continued to broaden their features for brand and business advertising. Learn how to use Facebook stories for your brand this year.