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Mind and Metrics

Goodbye SEO Keywords, Hello SEO Queries!

Stop thinking of SEO as a game where you have to beat the bot, Google's Rankbrain is changing SEO. What does this mean for your SEO strategy? Find out now.

How To Increase Sales With Inbound Mobile Marketing

Improving upon your inbound mobile marketing can give your sales a big boost! Find out here how to make it work for you and your brand.

Mobile Responsive Websites Don't Increase Sales!

That's because mobile responsive websites don't increase sales, mobile-optimized websites do. Find out what the difference is!

Mobile Marketing vs Inbound Mobile Marketing

What's the difference between Mobile Marketing & Inbound Mobile Marketing? And why does it matter? Take a look!

Everyone Is Writing About Why Buyer Personas Are So Important? How Come?

Buyer behavior has changed and data shows that it is now, more than ever, important to get in front of the buyer at the right time with the right content.

SEO Myth #7: As Long As I Provide Good Content, SEO will happen naturally

In theory “good” content creation is a good idea. Google wants to provide the best, most relevant content to its user, and so it’s algorithm naturally ranks “good” content higher. Produce good quality

Google Penguin 4: How Business Owners Can Take Advantage of this Update

Struggling with traffic? Here's a how business owners can take advantage of Google's Penguin 4.0 update today. Learn more!

SEO Myth #6: Link Building is bad

Backlinks have been the foundation of Google’s ranking algorithm since the beginning, but when Google’s John Mueller was captured saying live in a Google+ hangout that webmasters should avoid trying t

What Is Inbound Mobile Marketing?

To date, there have been few inventions as impactful to society as the smartphone. Find out how to reach this audience with inbound mobile marketing.

Email Blast? Here’s How to Get Your List Read

Learn how to increase your email open rates with personalized messaging, responsive design, and attention-grabbing subject lines.

SEO Myth #5: SEO is a scam!

Sadly, many business owners have been approached by less-than-ethical marketing vendors who promise SEO services but mainly deliver nothing.

SEO Myth #4: SEO is about ranking #1 on Google

No, Noooo, no it isn't. Find out why!!