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And Now… Introducing 360 VR for Adwords Video

The Adwords video game just got real. Not only can you put your video ads in front of your target market using keywords and demographics, you can now capture attention using 360 degree videos for your ads.

A 360 VR Adwords video will definitely be attention getting, and will allow you to create a major “wow factor” in the first few seconds of your video ad. Not only is this important due to short attention spans, but it’s vital because many times users can skip your ad after the first five seconds.

With 360 VR in your Google Adwords video, viewers can explore every angle of a video by dragging their mouse or moving their phone to adjust their point of view. Not only does this make watching a video - even an ad - more exciting, it gives marketers entirely new ways to engage their audience.

The best part is the level of increased engagement. Coca Cola created a 360 video celebrating the 100th anniversary of their bottle design and 36% more people viewed the video to the end, compared with a standard in-stream video ad.

Bud Light started the trend, and Stella Artois and Nike have also been experimenting with 360 video and reporting great results. Check out these clips (YouTube 360 VR is best viewed on a smartphone and accompanying VR headset, but can also be viewed on the Chrome Browser.)




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