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Creating a 360-Degree Video That Gets Results

 If you’re going to go to the effort to create an attention-getting 360-degree Adwords video, you want to make sure it’s going to get you a great return on investment. Here are some tips to make sure your video gets results.

1. Have the Right Persona in Mind

Different people are interested in different types of videos. Your buyer persona will help ensure you focus correctly. If you need help creating a buyer persona, download our free ebook as a resource.

2. Showcase Your Products

360-degree VR gives you an incredible ability to showcase your products being used “in their natural environment.” Whether that means showcasing coffee in a coffee shop or a car on the open road, take advantage of the immersive feel!

3. Evoke Emotion

The fully-surrounded nature of 360-degree video gives you the ability to build emotion into the scene more strongly than ever. Buying decisions are made emotionally and justified logically, so create deep feelings and follow up with information on the back end.

4. Tell a Story

A 360 VR video allows the viewer to be part of the scene, so tell a story that involves the viewer as an active participant. When the viewers can see themselves in a scenario where your product or service improves their lives, they’re much more likely to buy.

5. Target Mobile

While 360VR is great, it doesn't translate as well on a desktop. To see the 360 Environment on desktops, the user needs to drag the viewpoint around using their mouse. This is in stark contrast to mobile where tilting and moving the device lets you explore the environment. The body has to actually physically move, we heightens the virtual experience.

6. Target Other 360VR Content on YouTube

VR content is being consumed on YouTube with Google Cardboard viewer and the many other VR viewers that are now available.  Adding a 360VR ad in front of those clips has a higher probability that the viewer is immersed into the ad with their headset. 

Adwords video was already a powerful tool to break through the distractions and capture a customer’s attention. 360 VR video makes that medium even more powerful. With Adwords video, you can capture a customer’s interest within that vital 5 to 8-second attention span window.

If you’d like help harnessing 360-degree Adwords video for your company, we’re here to help. Contact Mind & Metrics today for a free consultation!