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How to Get Into 360 VR Adwords Videos

Doing 360-degree videos does require some special equipment. The good news is, once you’ve invested in it, it will pay dividends again and again with the videos you can create.

In order to be compatible with Google Adwords videos, you’ll need one of these 360-degree cameras:

More VR cameras are being released in 2017, and this will undoubtedly make the creation of Virtual Reality content more accessible.

One of the biggest problems this new medium has is the ability to accurately stitch multiple views together into a full 360 view. Each camera has their method, but stitching patterns are still visible to the discerning eye. Youtube has plenty of camera comparisons to take a look and see for yourself, but most VR content creators have started to work around the stitch lines by not placing the focus of the shot there.

Once you’ve created the video, you’ll need to follow specific steps to upload it using the 360 Video Metadata app for Mac or Windows. Without the Metadata app, your video won’t be recognized as a 360-degree video by YouTube.

Keep in mind it can take up to an hour or more to upload a 360-degree video. At the current time, the YouTube video editor and enhancement tools do not work with 360-degree videos.

The latest update to Premiere Pro, Adobe’s popular video editing software, includes new tools for editing 360-degree video and stereoscopic VR video. While you’ll need to use other tools to stitch video together into a 360-degree view, Premiere will import video with an equirectangular projection and allow you to edit it like you would any other video file.

A short introduction video, including sample 360 assets, is available from Adobe to help editors learn how to begin working with VR video in Premiere.