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What Is Inbound Mobile Marketing?

To date, there have been few inventions as impactful to society as the smartphone. Whenever we want to know something, do something or go somewhere we reach into our pockets and reach for this device. We feel naked when we leave our house without it. And by now we've trained ourselves to reach for the smartphone in our back pocket before going to the bathroom, because... well... we know what can happen if we don't.

We check our phone over 150 times a day. In the morning we check our calendar, the time the bus is arriving, send an email to a client, a text to your spouse, a quick jump on Facebook to check out your friend's pic. These types of moments are a daily part of life. They’re not moments when we’re looking to be interrupted by a marketing message. And if a brand tries to interrupt with a distracting or inappropriate message? Swipe!

Outbound Marketing

This type of interruptive advertising is often referred to as Outbound Marketing. Outbound Marketing techniques have been less effective for some time. When we are browsing on our mobile phone, Outbound Marketing is downright annoying.

Instead, the antithesis, Inbound Marketing, where you help yourself "get found" by people is very much aligned with mobile.

Inbound Marketing

In general, Inbound Marketing refers to the content and conversion strategies that earn visitors. It has less to do with seeking out potential clients and more to do with your potential clients seeking you because you have useful and helpful content.

Inbound Mobile Marketing

So, Inbound Mobile Marketing is about targeting mobile users with content and experiences that answer their queries and solves their needs.

At Mind & Metrics, we focus primarily on Inbound Mobile Marketing Strategies because Outbound Marketing is not only more expensive but less effective. With Mobile browsing now surpassing Desktop browsing in almost all industries, preparing our clients for a mobile world allows them to be competitive with companies that have larger marketing budgets.

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