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How the Big Game Played Out on the Second Screen

Here’s a look at the incremental Google and YouTube searches that were specifically driven by the airing of the ads during this year’s Super Bowl.

How Mobile Helps Plan the Perfect Valentine's Day

Sure, Cupid is great, but—unlike a smartphone—he can't find a local florist or teach you to cook a lobster tail. So on Valentine's Day, people turn to their phones during these micro-moments to help p

Step-by-Step Ninja Forms & Google Analytics Integration

In this post we will go step-by-step through the process of tying your Wordpress Ninja Form submissions with Google Analytics via the Google Tag Manager.

What The Heck Are Micro-Moments?

Everybody seems to be talking about Micro-Moments. What the heck are they? And why are they so important to advertisers all of a sudden? Find out why.

Congratulations To Our Client Ryan Singer

Congratulations To Our Client Ryan Holden Singer on the 2015 Pet Age 40 Under 40 Award!

Congratulations to our Client K-10+®

Congratulations To Our Client K-10+® Who Was Just Awarded The Petfood & Animal Nutrition 2.0 Innovation Awards In The Category Of Formulation.

Mind & Metrics Is A Proud FDR Sponsor of Wordcamp NYC 2014

Mind & Metrics Is A Proud FDR Sponsor of Wordcamp NYC 2014