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Congratulations to our Client K-10+®

Congratulations to our client K-10+® who was just awarded the Petfood & Animal Nutrition 2.0 Innovation Awards in the category of Formulation.

The Petfood & Animal Nutrition 2.0 Innovation Awards is a year-long program designed to celebrate companies demonstrating innovative, disruptive thinking across the formulation, distribution and packaging sectors of the pet food market.

In February 2015, K-10+® released their, Advanced Chewable Formula for Dogs in Digestion Support w/ Probiotic, Oral Care, Joint Health and Calming varieties. Made with real yogurt and natural chicken flavor, the product contains a patent-pending technology of fast-acting mini dissolving strips that facilitate the absorption of key active ingredients.

Unique delivery methods have become K-10+®’s specialty, with new products containing K-10+® Dissolvable Strips line in development for release later this year. The individually packaged strips contain key active ingredients that absorb through the lining of the mouth, and start to go to work immediately.

The combination of an easier delivery system with products scientifically formulated to provide maximum absorption yields better results, faster. While quick delivery is attractive, the ingredients supplied must also prove valuable to the consumer—and the pet.

K-10+® products are available nationwide in Petco Stores and reputable pet stores.

Mind & Metrics helped K-10+® with their Product Packaging and was responsible for the delivery of all die lines in the K-10+® Advanced Chewable Formula For Dogs product line.