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Insights: SEO Myths

SEO Myth #8: Social Activity Doesn't Affect SEO

Google has admitted in the past that social signals are NOT an active part of their ranking algorithms. But is this still the case in 2017? Find Out Now!

SEO Myth #4: SEO is about ranking #1 on Google

No, Noooo, no it isn't. Find out why!!

SEO Myth #3: Mobile Optimization Is Overrated

Having a mobile-optimized site leads to a better user experience, and not having one pretty much guarantees you’ll never make it on the first page results.

SEO Myth #2: SEO Is All About The Right Keywords

There used to be a time when keyword density was synonymous with good SEO practice, but as search engines kept updating, so did our SEO strategy.

SEO Myth #1: Keywords In Your Meta Description Will Help You Rank Better

Google announced in September of 2009, that neither meta descriptions nor meta keywords factor into Google's ranking algorithms for web search.