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SEO Myth #8: Social Activity Doesn't Affect SEO

Hi there! This is our eighth post in our "SEO Myths That Need To Die In 2017" series.

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SEO Myth #8: Social Activity Doesn't Affect SEO

In early 2014, Google opened up enough to admit that social signals are NOT an active part of their ranking algorithms.

Traffic coming from social channels is what Google likes to see, and those links can be a real boost. Social signals let Google know your website is popular, and that there’s a live human being managing your social media profiles and is engaging with your community or tribe.

It’s when those tweets and likes turn into social shares that the real SEO value comes into play. If you create quality content, people will naturally share… when they share, these people are sending your content out into the internet to be linked back to your site by other interested readers.

It’s exactly here where social signals can turn into links, and when it does, it becomes a huge win for your SEO efforts.

“It’s not the actual social activity that matters, but what happens as a result of that activity. Optimizing and maximizing creator impressions increases the chance of obtaining links from the group of people who power the link graph.” – AJ Kohn, Blind Five Year Old.

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