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How To Measure ROI Of Your Experiential Marketing Event Using WiFi

With the vast majority of consumers preferring targeted marketing over broader, less personal experiences, technology is making the job of marketers easier. With the ability to create experiential marketing events, you can track products, customers, and even the success of promotions. You'll be able to measure ROI in ways you'd never imagined possible and watch your sales climb through the roof.

Here are 6 exciting ways to create experiential marketing events through your WiFi network.

1. Personalized Experiences

Personalized retail is one of the latest trends in retail services. It allows you to connect with your most loyal customers and keep them engaged with your brand.

While people used to find personalized retail recommendations creepy, they now live by them. Your customers are growing accustomed to that experience and are starting to expect the same amount of personalization in retail stores.

That used to be an uphill climb, but with the help of your Wi-Fi network, you can measure your ROI in real time as you target the customers physically in your shop. You can target your customers with new deals every time they step through the door.

Track their previous purchases and recommend your latest exciting products and services. Their past behavior will help you meet their needs, building their loyalty and supporting their choices.

2. Detect Location In Your Store

New technologies allow you to add beacons to your store, via a smartphone app alerting customers that are near a specific location or display. Ads and alerts can be sent to devices that are close to the area you want to target.

With this technology, you can not only help your customers find products most valuable to them, but also give them the opportunity to learn more about your layout. If you're having trouble getting people to a certain corner of the store, you can attract them with beacons.

By measuring customer engagement, you can get insights into how well your store layout is working. You can see if customers are leaving without visiting certain areas or alert them to things they might not realize you carry in your shop.

Even passers-by in a shopping center or on a busy city street could be alerted with the same technology.

3. Reward Repeat Visits

When customers are walking by, the best kinds of visits you want are the unplanned ones. When you build brand loyalty, customers will be on their way to do something else, but will want to stop into your store "just to look around" or "just see what's new". This is the ideal visit.

When you reward customers for repeat visits, you'll get even more of those random visits. Your Wi-Fi will allow you to send rewards to customers after they've given you their phone number or email. You can send them specific discounts and even give them loyalty points just for stopping by.

Create a tier for your most loyal customers and continually give them referral bonuses, and next time they'll come back with a friend.

4. Get Those Demographics

If you make an event that is promoted broadly enough, you'll be able to start pinpointing your target market and your demographics. While you may think it's one gender or one age group, you could be surprised by how many people attend your event you'd never considered.

Measuring your ROI on future experiential marketing campaigns entails creating a set of data over time. You'll need to learn more about who your clients are so you can better tailor your promotions to them.

See which items or brands seem to move when they're in the store and you'll be able to improve every subsequent promotion. Create events every season and see which customers come back. Since you know which devices are returning to your store, you'll get incredibly accurate marketing data.

5. From Browsing to Buying

When you use in-store Wi-Fi to assist your experiential marketing campaigns, you'll enhance the in-store experience and improve brand engagement. Giving a Wi-Fi connection to your customers gets them to hang around your store for longer.

Customers can come in to enjoy a coffee and write on their laptops, or just use your internet to listen to podcasts while they browse. When they connect, you can see if they're moving around the store. You can turn window shopping into sales by advertising your free Wi-Fi to get people through the door.

They'll look up product ratings and when you capture a search for brands that you carry, you can use the data to figure out which promotions to run next

If you're currently running an event, you can see how many people are being converted for the first time by measuring first time unique IDs.

6. ROI is Tangled With Your Inventory

To know whether you're getting a return, you can measure by your inventory. Technology can help you with inventory management and help to ring up sales on the floor without any lines. During a promotional event, you can deploy your staff to handle customers individually.

Your most loyal customers can be mostly left alone, but if you can identify who is new, you can track what people are interested and what they buy. You can follow when something is out of stock and let people know where it can be purchased locally.

You can become better engaged with your inventory in order to serve your customers better and keep product moving in ways never before possible.

Measure ROI With Your Customers' Help

You can measure ROI better than ever before thanks to the ways that your Wi-Fi network can track devices that connect to it. You'll learn more than you would have realized with the help of Wi-Fi data capturing. With a little bit of guidance, you can let the data shape your next big marketing campaign.

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