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Lica Wouters

What Are the Dangers of AI? How AI is Affecting the Job Market and More

From existential threats to shifts in the job market, learn more about the potential dangers of AI, and how AI may change our workforce and the way we live.

Sustainability Trends in Business: Are Consumers Buying Eco Products?

Are consumers actually buying sustainable products? Let's look at sustainability trends in business and the profitability of eco initiatives by brands.

How to Write the Perfect ChatGPT Prompt (With Examples!)

When using ChatGPT, crafting the right prompt is everything. Here's how to write the perfect ChatGPT prompts for emails, blogs, website copy, and more.

Hello Growth Agency, Goodbye Digital Marketing Agency!

I took 'Hubspot's Pipeline Generation Bootcamp', an 8-week intensive program led by sales expert Dan Tyre. Turns out we're a Growth Agency! Here's why...