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What Sales and Customer Service Alignment Means For Your Business

Starting a business is no easy task. There are many moving parts, and in order for your business to survive, these parts need to move in consortium with each other.

Facilitating collaboration between your sales and customer service teams - a process known as revenue operations or RevOps - is a great way to increase efficiency within your business and ensure its success. Read on to learn how.

Promotes Cross-Team Training

Cross-team training is a system in which people from multiple parts of the company are trained in the ways of other teams. This lets employees understand the workings of all parts of their workplace. They ultimately will be able to make better decisions that positively impact the entire workplace rather than just their department.

When your sales and customer service teams each understand one another's jobs, they gain a fuller picture of the entire customer experience. Therefore, they will be able to help and support clients in a more meaningful way.

Streamlines Communication

Letting teams see the workplace holistically is just one of the many ways that RevOps increases interdepartmental communication. Team members will have the opportunity to learn from those in other roles, and will end up knowing them better. This will make them more comfortable communicating with each other about issues, troubleshooting, customer communications, and more.

Additionally, sales and customer support teams will be able to share the communications tools that they use with each other. Since people with different areas of expertise will use these tools in different ways, both teams will have a more comprehensive understanding of them.

Higher-Level Marketing

There's a third party that benefits from RevOps teams: your marketing professionals. When sales and customer service teams are aligned, they can talk to marketing reps about their best products. The customer service teams will know what clients want and the sales teams will know where they're investing their money.

This allows marketing teams to tailor-make advertisements for the most popular products. It also gives them a greater understanding of the demographic that they're marketing to.

Enables and Empowers All Employees

Enabling sales empowers sales teams to sell more products more quickly. However, in RevOps, this also motivates customer service and marketing teams to operate at a greater velocity. There will be more clients from more walks of life, so your teams will need to work efficiently to accommodate them.

Ultimately, this will have compounding effects on the entirety of your business. All representatives will become more efficient and therefore more profitable.

Align Your Sales and Customer Service Teams Today

Now that you know the benefits of aligning your sales and customer service teams, it's time to streamline your operations. 

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