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Assess your company's ethical foundations as you implement AI into your business.


Avoid AI Bias


Ensure Legal Compliance


Protect Data Privacy

Unlock the POWER of AI Responsibly

In a world where technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace, ethical considerations are more critical than ever. This assessment is your tool to delve into, evaluate, and enhance your organization's ethical AI practices.

This assessment will help you discover how you can navigate the complex landscape of AI ethics and ensure your company's responsible AI journey.

Mitigate Ethical Risks

Ethical lapses in your business, whether intentional or unintentional can harm your reputation, customer trust, and bottom line. Neglecting to properly consider AI implementations, can lead to legal troubles, disengaged employees, strained relationships with customers and vendors, and regulatory scrutiny, impacting the company's long-term success. 

Understanding the ethical risks of AI can help businesses proactively mitigate these issues, so they can maintain their integrity, and secure their future success in an increasingly conscientious market.


Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Understanding AI ethics is essential for ensuring regulatory compliance in today's evolving landscape. As AI technologies advance, governments enact stricter rules to safeguard against potential harms and biases. Comprehending these ethical principles helps businesses proactively align their AI systems with regulations, minimizing the risk of costly fines and legal repercussions.

A commitment to ethical AI practices demonstrates a company's dedication to responsible innovation and societal well-being, leading to improved relationships with its customers and stakeholders and contributing to long-term success.


Build Trust and Reputation

As AI becomes more integral to the operations of many industries, ethical considerations are paramount. Prioritizing ethics in AI development and deployment showcases your commitment to fairness, privacy, and accountability. This fosters trust among customers, partners, and regulators, enhancing your company's standing and attracting top talent. A reputation for ethical AI practices can set your business apart, reinforcing its image as a responsible, forward-thinking organization.


1. Answer The Questions Below

Please consider the following guidelines to evaluate your responses to each question:

Select "Fully Compliant" if your systems align well with the ethical criteria in the question, and there are minimal ethical concerns associated with this aspect.

Select "Partially Compliant" if your systems demonstrate some alignment with the provided ethical criteria but may benefit from improvements or specific attention to certain areas.

Select "Non-Compliant" in situations where your AI system does not align with the ethical standards or principles outlined in the question, or if there are significant ethical issues or violations. 

2. Check Your Email For Your Results

We’ll email you a full breakdown of your results and suggestions for next steps, if applicable.

If it’s been over 24 hours and you still haven’t received an email, reach out to us at

3. Implement AI Strategies Ethically

Your assessment results will help you utilize AI to improve your business operations while avoiding the risks of regulatory noncompliance and maintaining trust with your customers.


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